Why This Campaign

For those following the issue, it is impossible to ignore the reality of Israeli apartheid. Since 2021, three major human rights groups (including one Israeli group) have published exhaustive reports accusing Israel of the crime of apartheid against the Palestinians. Through taxpayer dollars and political cover, the American people, including Vermonters, continue to uphold this cruel system of inequality and persecution. This campaign seeks to dismantle that support by affirming the rights of the Palestinian people, as we do for all people.

Campaign Goal

Our campaign goal is to put the issue of Palestinian rights directly to Burlington voters on Town Meeting Day, March 4, 2025. To do this, we need to collect 1,550 signatures by January 2025.

Get Involved

The two most important things you can do are (1) register to vote and (2) sign our petition. This will ensure that we get the petition on the ballot and that, when we do, you are also able to vote for it. If you would like to work on this campaign or assist in some other way, please contact us through this form.

You can also download this form and do the following:

  1. Complete a line on the form *And have it witnessed by the named person*
  2. Get your friends to sign *and witness signature*
  3. Email us for instructions on where to send the form

Petition Sign-Up

We are required by the city of Burlington to collect the signatures in person, so it is not possible to sign online. We will be bringing our form to various Burlington locations leading up to the deadline.

If you are unable to travel please contact us. We would be happy to arrange for someone to collect your signature.